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Imagine reaching into the most emotional core of humanity and empowering people to create, preserve, store and share memories about themselves, those they love, their family members and even their ancestors. Celebrating Legacy is bridging the proverbial gap between the digital and the tangible by…

Extending family heritage
Honoring lives past and present
Recording forever, personal memoirs
…all framed in a rich social network!

By creating your membership on CELEBRATING LEGACY, you will have access to ALL of these amazing services…

Living Biographies: Maintain a living online profile, highlighting accomplishments.
Managed Obituaries: Publish obituaries for loved ones in lieu of a living profile.
Online Memorials: Open a public forum for others to share memories of loved ones.
Death Notifications: Notify individuals, groups, and the public in the event of death.
Prepared Obituaries:Write or record an obituary in the event of death.
Digital Legacies: Send final messages to individuals, groups, and the public.
Time Capsules: Schedule messages to be sent months, even years after death.
Family Journals: Maintain family histories and remain connected to extended family.
Family Trees: Link biographies and obituaries together to create a family tree.


It’s your life. It’s your legacy. CELEBRATE IT!


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