My Obituary

Welcome to your living family history, preserved by you and your family.

My Obituary may be the most important piece of communication you ever write by leaving your survivors with an accurate and detailed account of your life as you would like it to appear in newspapers, family records, and at any services. Celebrating Legacy makes it easy by providing templates, examples, and styles as a helpful guide.

In addition to empowering people to write their own obituaries, My Obituary removes the burden of writing an obituary from your family and friends. In fact, most people consider writing an obituary for a family member or close friend one of the most difficult challenges, especially while they are still grieving over the loss.

When combined with several other features provided by Celebrating Legacy, My Obituary becomes a meaningful and comfortable event. Once a death notification has been verified, family members, friends, and loved ones have an immediate opportunity to understand how some of the people closest to them made lasting contributions.

My Obituary is a celebration of life, providing a detailed account told by the people who lived it.

My Obituary has an another extension as well. This same tool empowers members to write or record obituaries for previously lost loved ones, revising or reviving published obituaries that have become inaccessible, unsearchable, or lost.

These records become vital for anyone working on family trees, hoping to better understand where they came from, or learning more about their ancestors and the challenges and successes they faced. This service also helps identify lost family connections, giving everyone an opportunity to reconnect.

All obituaries, as they appear within Legapedia, become the nucleus for many other Celebrating Legacy features, including memorials, memoirs, and public legacies