My Memorial

Welcome to your living family history, preserved by you and your family.

My Memorial empowers anyone, whether they are a member or not, to offer additional insights, entries, letters, photographs, and videos about you, immediate family members, and your ancestors. Anything is possible, limited only by the creativity of the people who share new stories as allowed by memorial administrators.

My Memorial is the one place you can create some initial entries before your death beyond an obituary. This could be anything and everything from a favorite poem to photographs that your loved ones have never seen before. All of it will be published in conjunction with a death notification, providing a foundation for others to share their memories, stories, and testimonials as well.

Memorials can also be created for family members and ancestors — people you have survived but never had the opportunity to share their own stories. Once created, anyone can add an entry about how that individual touched their lives or, perhaps, share a new video, photograph, or newspaper article that would otherwise be lost forever.

Memorials preserve our memories while inviting others to contributing their own.

Memorials remain open as designated by the member or as determined by the account creator. Celebrating Legacy places no stipulations on the amount of entries you or your family members are willing to share, keeping memories alive and preserving important details about the people who touched our lives.

As an open system, anyone may share stories about you or the person whose memory you hope to preserve. Often times, people who discover the memorial will share details about how they too were touched, inspired, or permanently changed for the better.