My Legacy

Welcome to your living family history, preserved by you and your family.

Imagine what it might be like to read a message expressly written or recorded for you, even years before you were born. Imagine what it might be like to leave behind some lasting words of comfort, compassion, or wisdom years before your memory fades.

My Legacy records and preserves any messages you might have for loved ones now or long after you’re gone. You can share these special messages and memories as privately or as publicly as you wish.

My Legacy is as unique as the people who write their stories. It empowers you to share details about your life, career, skills, talents, accomplishments, philosophies, family histories, memoirs, wishes, and anything else that is an important aspect of your life, thoughts, and dreams.

Future generations will have a richer, more meaningful sense of their ancestors.

For future generations, My Legacy will be a rich resource of information about family members who directly or indirectly contributed to their lives. And in some cases, it could even be instructional wisdom for any challenges and hardships they might face, with one important underlying message — that they are not alone in the world but part of a warm and fulfilling family of special individuals.

In addition to My Legacy, Celebrating Legacy has also developed a secure TIME CAPSULE that can be programmed to be published years into the future.

This special feature will allow you to send a message to a son or daughter when they reach a specific age, a family philosophy for great-grandchildren who have yet to be born, or even a real-time account of what life is like now for descendants that are several generations removed.

The benefit of such a gift is as compelling as it is rewarding. Often, when family members mention ancestors, they rely on stories that have been passed down or a few surviving photos depicting people everyone struggles to identify.

With Celebrating Legacy, you can ensure they receive much more — including messages, images, audio, and video that will allow descendants to marvel at how their great-grandfather could play a banjo or that their great-great-grandmother had a secret ingredient in a cherished family recipe.