Military Memoirs

Welcome to your living family history, preserved by you and your family.

Full membership in Celebrating Legacy is free to all active service men and women. As an online journal, Military Memoirs could be one of the most cherished services that they can use, along with the veterans who served before them.

Military Memoirs provides an easy and intuitive way for any military members to share their service memories in real time or after death, in accordance with their wishes. The intent is simple enough. Military Memoirs is a unique place for service men and women to share their personal journey in ways never before told.

The unit and association pages are unique to Military Memoirs in that they help reunite and inspire other members to share their stories. As each member contributes to their own Military Memoir, they may also add these stories to a collection preserved on the unit or association page.

Sometimes service men and women may have slightly differing accounts or reveal a unique perspective. Other times, it will help paint a complete composite of what occurred at a particular place or during a specific timeframe. But no matter what memoir contributors share, all of it will bring history to life in ways that have never been possible before.

Combined, Military Memoirs creates a searchable database of stories, preserves them by unit or association, and provides a forum similar to the Family Journal. Managed by members, these special forums will provide a central place to reconnect or, in the case of active service men and women, remain connected long after they are discharged or assigned to another unit.

It is our hope that, with the help of active and retired servicemen and women, Military Memoirs will become the most memorable and permanent collection of military stories online, ranging from acts of courage and compassion to unforgettable moments that inspire and provide revelations for future generations.