Welcome to your living family history, preserved by you and your family.

Legapedia is a searchable Web-based encyclopedia of people, their immediate families, and ancestors, managed by Celebrating Legacy members. It is the published record of individual lifetime achievements, personal journeys, and family history.

Anyone can search Legapedia for people they know, their family members, and their ancestors. If a Celebrating Legacy member has created a profile for that individual, visitors will be able to read details of their life in a media-rich environment, including biographies, legacies, obituaries, memorials, and military memoirs — all of which may include digitally preserved photos, audio, and video.

All content is managed by Celebrating Legacy members; people who have taken the time to include information about themselves or their loved ones. Most profiles will include a summary column and three biographical sections.

Special Features

  • LEGACIES consist of words of wisdom, memories, autobiographies, and enjoyments that may be published any time or preserved until after death.
  • OBITUARIES replace biographies after death or are provided by loved ones who want to record and preserve the accomplishments of family members.
  • MEMORIALS are an open forum for family members and the general public to share personal experiences, insights, and cherished memories, along with embedded photos, audio clips, videos, or other digital media.
  • MILITARY MEMOIRS is a unique collection first-person accounts written by service men and women about their military experience, with the option to share their stories on their own dedicated journals as well as a unit or association page.
  • FAMILY JOURNAL is a special members-only function that links together family members and creates a living family tree while providing a place for family members to privately or publicly share and exchange ancestry information.

All of the content — articles, prose, references, images, and other media — is a collaborative work provided by and monitored by Celebrating Legacy members for relevance and accuracy. Celebrating Legacy staff also regularly check profiles to ensure accuracy and properly sourced information from other resources around the Web.

The only intent is to celebrate the living, connect the past, and bring people closer together by encouraging them to share how they have made a difference in each other’s lives. We hope you become a contributor too, sharing details about yourself and your loved ones so future generations will have an opportunity to know their ancestors in ways that were never before possible.