Family Journal

Welcome to your living family history, preserved by you and your family.

Family Journal is a powerful Web-based research assistant, empowered by a social network that allows family members and friends to create, preserve, store, and share historic and anecdotal information about their family while linking member profiles together.

This intuitive application not only allows members to easily add loved ones into the Legapedia, but it also connects them to a beautifully rendered family tree that could intersect with other living family trees that are already recorded in the database.

Not only does this feature help families connect and stay connected, but it also creates a powerful Web-based genealogy tool. And since several family members might already be active in Celebrating Legacy, Family Journal provides an online, accessible solution for multiple families to keep track of important information.

Family Journal helps connect the past and keeps your family connected in the future.

With Family Journal, several distant family members can connect with your family, providing a more accurate and timely way to stay in touch, remember birthdays, and celebrate important milestones. It provides a unique way to share each other’s personal journey, even with family members who have felt removed because of time or geography.

As more members join Celebrating Legacy and participate in Family Journal, members will be able to connect with family members whom they have never met. The descendants of your grandmother’s sister might connect with you for the first time. You may find that one missing connection that allows you to trace
your family back to the 14th century. Or you may even discover a family link to a living celebrity or prominent historic figure.

Celebrating Legacy believes that preserving your family history is one of the most important aspects of continuing a personal legacy.